Blackjack is one of the smart games you will find in online casinos. It is not a game of luck. The outcome is not as random as for other casino games like slots. Of course, you can play without following any strategies and rules and win intuitively. But since this game allows it you should not only trust your luck but play professionally and use the advantages of blackjack in your favor. We will present to you useful tips so that you are able to increase your chances and beat the house.

Online Blackjack Card CountingMathematically, in some online casino games you have an advantage over the casino. If you follow a strategy you can enhance your chances of winning and minimize the house edge. But that is not a guarantee for winning, it is only a suggestion how you could and should be playing online blackjack. With this game you can actually be on the safe side and beat the casino. In order to win we strongly recommend combining card counting with basic blackjack strategy. You will find the basic blackjack strategy anywhere on the net. It combines betting and playing systems. This involves the best ways to place bets and the best possible ways to make decisions while playing. You will find the strategy itself quite useful for yourself, but combined with card counting it is invincible.

First of all, you should be good at math, have logical thinking, and you will need to follow strategic systems. Counting the cards works like that. You are not required to remember each and every card that has been played. It is actually enough if you keep track of high and low points that the cards are worth. The total score of the cards that have been played is important. By counting the value of the played cards you are able to determine if the remaining deck is in your favor or not.

Basically, you can be quite sure that the cards are in your favor if the cards with the low numbers two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight have already been played. Probably the higher values will come next so you can wager more money on that. The odds definitely increase. In order to keep a record in your mind about the cards that are already out you could try the Hi-Lo system.

The Hi-Lo system is a basic system for card counting. Each card is worth either a positive, a negative or a zero. The cards with the value two to six count +1; seven, eight and nine do not count anything at all, whereas the face cards and ten are -1. Positive and negative points are equal so the Hi-Lo system is balanced. Every time a card is dealt you count and adjust the total.

For card counting a lot of concentration is required. Not everyone is a born card counter. Some really struggle learning it and others pick it up just like that. Naturally, if you are good at math and play blackjack passionately your chances of adapting card counting are quite good. With a little talent and great enthusiasm you will definitely be able to learn it and make some cash at the blackjack tables.