The first written records of the card game which we now know as blackjack can be dated back to the 17th century. In France, where also the roulette game had been invented, a game named Vingt En Un, which means 21, became very popular in the casinos at that time. Although the game blackjack we are now familiar with derives from Vingt En Un, the rules are totally different. The initial goal, namely to reach 21 or come as close possible as to that, remained the same. But the favor was with the dealer and only he was allowed to double the bets and the players were only allowed to place their bets after each round.

Blackjack came to the United States during the time of the French Revolution. In young America there were no laws that prohibited card games at that time. But with the increasing popularity of blackjack officials got scared that this gambling game would spoil people’s morals. In consequence, they banned blackjack in the 19th century and it became one the most popular underground games in the history of gambling in the United States. Banning did not help prevent people from playing 21. On the contrary, the interest in blackjack rose.

The English name blackjack has its roots in the French game as there was a special rule that the payout was extraordinarily higher than usual if the hand consisted of a Jack and an Ace of spades – a Black Jack.

Today, you cannot imagine any casino without blackjack. It is played in land based casinos and in online casinos all around the globe. The rules have slightly changed. Now you will most probably find either the Las Vegas or the Atlantic City set of rules for online blackjack.

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Try Atlantic City Blackjack… its free! How to play in 3 easy steps:
1. Download the relevant DirectX plugin if needed and then wait for the game to load.
2. Click “OK” in the Casino Login box.
3. Start playing by clicking on “DEAL”.

A lot of land based casinos stick to the Las Vegas blackjack rules. This blackjack casino game is played with multiple decks. The rules are actually quite simple. The dealer is forced to draw at least up to 16 at Las Vegas Strip and 17 at Downtown Las Vegas Rules and must stand on all total values between 17 and 21. You, however, can either double your bet or split up your pair and afterwards you are dealt the cards like it was an initial hand. Aces are an exception. If you split a pair of Aces you get only one additional card on each of the Aces. Except for Aces, of course, you can re-split yours pairs again which will give you better chances to win. The Blackjack payout odds are in favor for you.

The Atlantic City blackjack casino game is only a little different. The dealer draws up to a sum of 16 points or less than that and is forced to stand on all totals between 17 and 21. You again have the choice and can decide if you either want to double your wager or if you want to split the pair you got in front of you. After the next cards are dealt you can double your bet again but in contrast to the Las Vegas rules re-splitting is not allowed with the Atlantic City rules.

So if an online casino gives you the two options you should go for the Las Vegas set of rules because the re-splitting can increase your chances to win.

There are many other types of blackjack casino games that you can play online. There is multi hand blackjack, where you can play more than 1 hand at a time; there is progressive jackpot where you can win an absolute fortune; and there are others like Spanish blackjack and European blackjack. So give them a try and see if you can hit 21… winner winner chicken dinner!