You can sometimes just sense that a game is going to be a lot of fun just by hearing its name, and with the exotic feel that comes across from Caribbean Blackjack you know that you are going to be in for a good one here. There is a really fun twist which is going on here and it takes the Caribbean rules quite far away from any other blackjack game variant, so it is something really interesting which gives you an option which is not like anything that you will have tried before this.

The first difference in the rules here is that not only can you split any two cards, but you can also hit and redouble, too. This means that you can split a hand into two hands, take a second card for each of them, double your bets, take an extra card, and then double again, so the betting options in Caribbean Blackjack go far beyond what any other variation of the rules can give you. This offers you a lot of room for experimentation and for adjustment of your strategy, and you will also know that when you have a really great hand you can take it to the maximum and put down as much of a bet as possible in order to get the biggest win that you can. There are some other changes, too: the fact that you can bet so high is made up for by the fact that you will lose all ties, so watch out for the dealer coming up with a sneaky twenty one when you thought that you had it in the bag. The dealer will also not take a hole card which can lead to some complications in working out your strategy, and aces can only be used as a score of one rather than counting as an eleven as they do in other variations. That is one of the biggest changes that you will have to adjust to, as what was previously one of the best cards in the game is now worth next to nothing! The other big change however, and the one that you are likely to enjoy exploring the most, is the fact that there is a hand which ranks higher than any other – and it has nothing to do with using a jack, despite the name of the game.

In this variation if you get an ace along with two tens – which of course makes a score of twenty one – then you are said to have a Caribbean Blackjack, which is the namesake of the game and the reason why it is called as such. This will beat any other score of twenty one, so when you see this come up you know that you are on for a big win and it will be quite the cause for celebration as the chances of it coming up for you are smaller than they would be with a normal twenty one.